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Nothing beats going out aimlessly into the world (most often on my bicycle) on a mission to uncover and discover the hidden wonder and aha moments that are always everywhere. Using my camera and curiosity as master keys, I work with a mysterious combination of unfathomable instinct and sharp intent to unlock these little boxes of inspiration that contain a magical code that makes my head spin and my shutter click. 


The act of creativity grounds me in the moment. Being able to enter the flow by stopping time is a magnificent gift. All the noise disappears, and I’m left in communion with a vision served up by the world and seen only by me. I am then able to spend time with my capture of that vision in the postproduction process. Looking at that frozen moment, analyzing it, layering more creativity on top of it and then sharing it with the world, extends it and cements it as an unforgettable visceral memory that in effect marks and stretches time. That said, I’m essentially a colorful, quirky street photographer.


Dubbed “LA’s iPhoneography Wizard” by Forbes magazine, Alon Goldsmith is an award-winning photographer who has been featured extensively across media and exhibited in galleries around the globe. Alon is a member of Street L.A., a photo collective that meets up on weekends to shoot on the streets of Los Angeles.


Alon’s achievements include overall winner of the MIRA Mobile Prize in 2022, 3rd place in the Los Angeles Center of Photography’s Street Photography Around the World Competition, and runner up in the journalism category in the prestigious MPAs, as well as numerous honorable mentions across other categories. He has also achieved wins in the Hipstography Awards, and numerous honorable mentions in the iPhone Photography Awards and the MIRA Mobile Prize. Alon was a jury member for the 2018 and 2019 MPAs. His work has also been published in the Los Angeles Times, Reader's Digest, Frames Magazine and the App Whisperer, and has been extensively featured in Snap and Mobiography magazines. Alon has published two books: IN PLACE | PORTRAITS OF A PANDEMIC and 365 DAYS IN THE TIME OF CORONA.


Alon shares his iPhoneograpy expertise in a series of eight articles written for Imagine More, a digital publication published by Manfrotto, one of the world’s leading photography accessory companies. His images have been featured in solo shows in New York, Brentwood, Topanga Canyon and San Diego, as well as at HaleARTS in Santa Monica and the Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts. Alon’s photography has appeared internationally in galleries in Canada, Italy, Portugal, and Belgium.


As one of the pioneers of the mobile art revolution, Alon is one of 234 global artists featured on The Quilt Project, a textile art collaboration commemorating 10 years of the Mobile Arts from 2008 to 2018. 


In 2021, Alon received a grant from the Helms Bakery District and the Culver City Arts Foundation and had his work featured as part of Projecting Possibilities, a video installation that featured a new artist each week for 52 weeks to celebrate, nourish, support, and promote Los Angeles-based artists.


In 2022, Alon shared the screen with more than 30 of Los Angeles’s photography luminaries in Projecting L.A., an annual event that takes places in a football field-sized parking lot where photographs set to music are projected 80 feet wide on the side of a four-story building.

Mira Mobile Prize 2022: Overall Winner

Los Angeles Center of Photography: Street Photography Around the World: 3rd Place Winner

International Photo Awards: Honorable Mention

IPPA Awards 2021: Honorable Mention Still Life

Mira Mobile Prize 2021: Shortlisted in the Top 50

Mira Mobile Prize 2020: Shortlisted in the Top 50

Grant Recipient - Projecting Possibilities

MIRA Mobile Prize 2019: Two Shortlisted Images in the Top 50

Mobile Photography Awards 2016: Honorable Mention Silhouettes 

IPPA Awards 2016: Honorable Mention, Lifestyle

Mobile Photography Awards 2015: Honorable Mention  General Photography

Mobile Photography Awards 2015: Honorable Mention  People Photography

Hipstography Awards 2015: Ben Watts and Hipstamatic Special Award

Mobile Photography Awards 2014: Honorable Mention  Architecture & Design

Mobile Photography Awards 2014: Honorable Mention  Street Photography

Mobile Photography Awards 2014: Honorable Mention  Still Life

Hipstography Awards 2014: Winner Performing Arts Capture

IPPA Awards 2013: Winners, Children

IPPA Awards 2013: Winners, People

Mobile Photography Awards 2013: Honorable Mention  Wildlife Category

Mobile Photography Awards 2013: Honorable Mention  Transportation Category

Mobile Photography Awards 2013: Honorable Mention  Waterscapes Category

Hipstography Awards 2013: Winner Performing Arts Capture

Mobile Photography Awards 2012: Runner Up, Photojournalism Category

The App Whisperer: Annual Showcase Best of 2012

IPPA Awards 2012: 2 x Runner Up, People

The Orange 2012: Top 50 Shortlist


Fotografar Palavras 2023

MIMO Museum

Group Show

April 15 to August 6

Leiria, Portugal


MIRA Forum Photography Exhibition

Group Show

Porto, Portugal

March, April 2022


LA Art Show 2021

LACP Group Show


Subtexts | Mobile in California

Topanga Canyon Gallery

Los Angeles

September 2016


Subtexts | Mobile in California

TB Gallery

East Village

New York

June 2016

Click. Boom. Amazing!

Group Show

Sofitel Brussels Europe

Brussels, Belgium


iART Group Show


Santa Monica


June 27 -- July 9, 2014




Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts




August 1 -- 28, 2013


Holcim Gallery

Milton Centre for the Arts



June 24 -- July 13, 2013


Arthaus Gallery

April 5 -- June 30, 2013


Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA), San Diego

November 10, 2012

Dante’s Comedy on Mobile Art
Bosco Divino, Verona Italy:
October 14 to 21, 2012

Social Culture Café
Ferrara, Italy
October 5 – 7, 2012

Colectivo f4
Porta, Portugal
May 5 to 25, 2012

Mobile P1xels Show
Los Angeles Center For Digital Art, Los Angeles, CA
April 12-May 5, 2012


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